A National Intertribal Survey and Report

Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative

In every corner of Indian Country, tribal communities are reclaiming their food sovereignty to create healthier choices.

Because for far too long, tribal communities have been separated from their lands and disconnected from traditional foods – putting their tribal culture and health in peril. A movement is happening to rewrite this history of inequity. Tribal communities are returning to traditional practices of the past to remedy problems of the present.

The Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative profiles 40 tribal-led projects that are shaking up current food systems. These are just a snapshot of the exciting efforts improving the health of communities across Indian Country.


Food as Medicine

projects acknowledge the healing power of traditional foods and the sustainable practices used to grow them.

Response to Health & Hunger

projects grow healthy food and promote nutrition, better eating habits and healthy lifestyles.

Youth Development

projects connect young and old in a circle of knowledge to preserve and sustain a tribe’s food and culture for future generations.

Return to Roots

projects revive cultural food traditions so tribal communities can self-determine how and where their food comes from.

Market Access

projects draw on traditional ways to stimulate local food production and economic development in tribal communities.


This survey looks across Indian Country – from the south to the east coast – where people are reclaiming traditional food and tribal health.

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