Communities and tribes are innovating to bring healthier food to children and families. For some, innovation is returning to traditional cultural practices.

Discover how communities are creating local equitable food systems that nourish people’s health, safeguard the environment and invigorate local economies. Learn how they did it and key lessons for replicating in other places.


Choctaw Fresh Produce

Five years ago the Choctaw Nation relied on imported fruits and vegetables, and barely grew anything on the reservation. Today, it’s selling Choctaw Fresh produce in Whole Foods.


Los Angeles Food Policy Council

What started with a task force has become one of the country’s most comprehensive food policies – and ignited a national Good Food Purchasing initiative.


Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty

Washington state’s Muckleshoot tribe is revitalizing its culture and rediscovering its agricultural heritage through community feasts, classes and tribal policy.


Goodwill of Northern Michigan

The Farm to Freezer program creates jobs, supports local agriculture and gets healthful food to families all-year long – and it all started in a humble school kitchen.

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